onsdag 8 januari 2014


Vår kollega genom Fertility Europe på Island, Berglind Osk Birgisdottir, som är sjuksköterska och själv drabbad av ofrivillig barnlöshet håller tillsammans med en psykolog på att utvecklat en app som en hjälp och stöd för ofrivilligt barnlösa. Just nu letar de efter en sponsor men de hoppas att den kommer att vara klar och släppas i början av det här året. Besök gärna deras hemsidawww.ivfcoaching.com och skicka dem ett mail på ivfcoaching@hotmail.com så får du information när appen släpps. Det kommer att hjälpa dem att visa på behovet av ökad information och stöd till par som lider av infertilitet.

Mer info:
"We are two health professionals from Iceland who have an immense interest in infertility – biological, social and emotional aspects.

Gyda Eyjolfsdottir, Ph.D., is a licensed Psychologist in Iceland where she specializes in the emotional aspects of infertility. She sees approximately 20% of the Icelandic women who undergo IVF in Iceland each year.

Berglind Osk Birgisdottir, B.Sc. is a registered nurse who has a personal history of infertility and endometriosis. Berglind is a board member of both the Icelandic Association for Endometriosis and Tilvera, the Icelandic Association for infertility. She has studied infertility extensively in her attempts to become pregnant and shares her wisdom and information with women who need support.

Both of us have focused especially on what research has shown can increase the chances of conception. After all, getting pregnant and being able to carry the baby/babies to term is what this is all about.

Together we have created an application where research meets need for information. Based on what we have learned from science and from clinical practice, we share with you all the information that can increase your chances of conceiving – scientifically proven! Not only that, we also share with you information that will make this baby-making-process through IVF all the more bearable. We will share with you information that will help you feel better, cope better, help you manage the emotional and social aspects of dealing with infertility.

As you download our app, you will get information that has been proven to help increase chances of conceiving. This information is something you can start putting to practice right away. However, once you have made a decision to undergo IVF and it is about 4 weeks prior to your embryo transfer, you can enter the date of the expected transfer, and you will start getting daily information that will help you increase your chances of conceiving and help you cope better with the treatment ahead, as well as the difficult two-week wait after the transfer.

Now we are looking for a sponsor for this important project, but we hope that the App will be available in Appstore and Google Play in early 2014.

Please visit our page: www.ivfcoaching.com and send us an email on ivfcoaching@hotmail.com and we will inform you when the app is being released. It will help us to demonstrate the need for increased information and support to couples suffering from infertility.

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